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Key Manager Responsibilities: Demo on Removing Organizational Impediments

Key Manager Responsibilities

This article is part of our Key Manager Responsibilities guide. We have broken the responsibilities down into shorter articles. 

  1. Overview
  2. Debrief on Team Retrospective Results
    • Review assessment results and analyze data
    • Review organizational growth items
  3. Participate as a Member of the Continuous Improvement Leadership Team
  4. Continuous Improvement Planning
    • Attend the Continuous Improvement Readout and Planning Session for Leaders
    • Analyze multi-team data and look for patterns and trends
    • Create a plan for removing organizational impediments
  5. Conduct Leadership Checkpoints
  6. Demonstrate Progress on Removing Organizational Impediments

Demo Your Results

It is important to provide visibility to the teams of the progress you are making on working on the issues that they have raised and to support them and remove impediments.

Hint: Show the teams your progress!

As a Continuous Improvement Leadership Team, once a Quarter/PI:

  • Provide a demonstration of the progress you have made on the Organizational Growth Items. Focus on results and outcomes.
  • Get feedback from the teams on what you have completed
  • Ask the teams where they need help for the next quarter/PI
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