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Multi-Team Data: Putting it all Together

This article is part of our series on Reviewing and Analyzing Multi-Team Data. When analyzing Multi-Team data, you will review a number of areas in AgilityHealth®. We've broken each area down for you, into shorter articles.

Putting It All Together

When drawing conclusions and telling the story of where teams need support to remove organizational impediments, it can be very powerful to add the data from the Growth Journey to what you learned from analyzing the data on the Radar tab.

Here is an example of what you could create in Excel from your data:




The companion activities to analyzing Multi-Team data are reviewing the Team Comments and the Organizational Growth Items raised by the teams in order to combine the insights from analysis with hearing the voice of the teams and what they are asking for to help determine what to focus on as a Continuous Improvement Leadership Team.

Team Comments

If this feature is turned on for your company and your user type, the Team Comments Excel download allows Company Admins and Organizational Leaders to download all comments from every sub-team rolled up into the Multi-Team radar. The sub-team comments are from each team's most recent assessment. The download will not display which sub-team each comment is from, in order to keep them anonymous.


See Continuous Improvement Plans and How to Facilitate a Continuous Improvement Readout and Planning Session for Leaders to learn more.

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