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Can we edit or change the assessment questions?

Most companies use our radars and their corresponding assessment questions as is. We spent a lot of time developing the questions behind each radar and partnered with experts in the industry to create them. As part of our process, we vet questions and incorporate feedback from customers, industry leaders and our partners for a period of time before publishing our finished radar and assessment questions.

Occasionally, a company will want to adjust the questions in a radar slightly. For example, some companies ask us to alter the questions regarding culture, to better fit their organization. We understand the need for minor changes to a few radar questions and those can be made by AgilityHealth®, upon request. A Company Admin may work with their Customer Success Manager to accomplish this.

We do caution companies on making changes. AgilityHealth® offers the option for your assessment results to be benchmarked against all the companies in AgilityHealth®, but if changes are made to the assessment questions, the benchmarking option cannot be enabled. Learn more about Understanding Benchmarking here. 

Custom Radar with Custom Assessment Questions

We offer the option for companies to create a custom radar if they feel that will better fit their organization. Because their radar is unique, benchmarking is not available in this situation. A Company Admin can speak to their Customer Success Manager about this option, for pricing and more information. 

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