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How do I view assessment answers?

AgilityHealth® is a platform that provides teams and leadership a forum to have open communication regarding health and performance at every level.

Team-Based Radars

In order to accomplish this open communication, the responses team members and leadership provide during team assessments and retrospectives are anonymous. This empowers the conversation to focus on the improvements needed to help teams become high performing, bettering the organization as a whole. In that spirit, once you submit your assessment, you will not be able to see your answers.

The team's results will display on the radar image once two or more people have submitted their assessments. Each person's response will show as a black dot. You will not be able to tell which dot on the radar represents a specific person on your team. 

When you are reviewing assessment results in a team retrospective session, you will be able to recognize your textual responses because you wrote them, but they will not be identified to others as your responses. 

Individual 360 Role-Based Radars

For individual radars, you will be able to see your responses represented by one line on the radar results, separately from the responses of reviewers. The reviewers responses are anonymous and grouped together on a separate line on the the radar for comparison.

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