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How do I submit a support ticket?

Before submitting a support ticket, try to find relevant articles on the Support Center. In the Search box, type in keywords around the topic you need assistance with to return relevant articles. 


If you cannot find an answer or you have an issue that needs to be fixed, log into your company in AgilityHealth.


Once logged in, locate the blue Help button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.


Clicking the Help icon will open the Resource Center, which contains various modules to help answer your questions. 

  • New to AgilityHealth? If you're new to AgilityHealth, this module will appear and contains onboarding guides.
  • How do I... - depending on your user type, you will see links to various guides that will walk you through functions in AgilityHealth.
  • Support Center - this is where you can search for help articles while logged into AgilityHealth. A Contact Us button is available to submit a support ticket if necessary.

Please note: Some companies have turned off the Help feature and/or the ability to submit a support ticket so you may need to contact your Company Admin for assistance.

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