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How to Facilitate a SAFe Radar Assessment

Session Purpose and Outcomes:

Assess the health and maturity of an Agile Release Train (ART) or Portfolio Team for organizations using SAFe and develop a growth plan for the top opportunities for improvement.

Complete the retrospective during the Inspect & Adapt (I&A) event at the end of each Program Increment (PI). Plan on on 2-3 hours for the retrospective.

Learn about the SAFe ART Health Radar or the SAFe Portfolio Team Health Radar.

Learn about the SAFe DevOps Health Radar or learn about facilitating a SAFe DevOps Health Radar Retrospective


Deliverables from the retrospective session include the below:

  • 2-3 Growth Items that the team agrees to work on in the upcoming PI, with clear acceptance criteria and measurable results
  • Owners identified for each Growth Item
  • Plan for next steps (Who, What and by When)
  • Agreement on how the team will work together/Agile ceremonies

Attendees and Facilitator:

Attendees: Leaders and coaches of an Agile Release Train or Portfolio
Facilitator: Program-level Agile Coach, with experience as an AgilityHealth Facilitator




  1. Set up the team in AgilityHealth or review and update the existing team
    • Include leaders of the ART or Portfolio
    • If you have some people who you would like to complete the assessment to provide their input but who will not be part of the growth team, you can include them as Stakeholders. For the SAFe ART Health Radar, for example, this might include Product Owners, ScrumMasters and other representatives from the teams. Stakeholders for the SAFe Radars will receive a survey with the same questions as team members. Their responses can be filtered when viewing the radar results.
  2. Set up the assessment. Follow this tutorial to learn how to create and launch an assessment.
    • If the SAFe Release Train Health or SAFe Portfolio Health radars are not available for selection in the Assessment Type drop-down in the ‘Add Assessment’ wizard, contact your Company Admin or to make sure the radar is enabled for your company.
  3. Schedule the meeting and send an invitation to the members of the growth team

Facilitation Tips

Complete the Assessment: Once the team is familiar with the survey questions, you may want to send the survey in advance of the retrospective session (we recommend no more than a week in advance). This will free up more time in the retrospective for discussion and developing the growth plan.

Analyze the Radar: You can have the group break into smaller groups of 2-3 and discuss an area of the radar to identify the top gaps they see and report back to the larger group.

Identify Top Gaps: Gather the list of opportunities from the analysis and use dot/straw voting to select the few top items the group wants to focus on.

Write Clear Acceptance Criteria and Define Measurable Results: Form small groups to work on writing clear acceptance criteria and defining measurable results for the top 2-3 items and then present to the rest of the group for feedback.

Gain Consensus on Ownership: At least one person will need to volunteer to take ownership of each OKR. The owner(s) will need to take an action item to write stories with acceptance criteria, prior to the team’s first planning session.

Next Steps: Facilitate a discussion with the group to determine the Agile ceremonies and cadence that they can agree to for how they will work together as a growth team.

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