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Continuous Improvement Plans: Viewing OGIs

Creating and Managing Continuous Improvement Plans

When creating and managing Continuous Improvement Plans, there are a number of actions you may want to take. We've broken each action down for you, into shorter articles.

Viewing OGIs

You can toggle between the Grid View and Kanban View when working on the Growth Plan section. 


The Grid View is helpful for quickly editing, copying or deleting growth items and to group items or download the list to Excel. 


Use the Kanban View of the action plan to track status and progress over time on the growth items that you have agreed to work on. 


The Kanban View can be customized by choosing to sort by Rank or Priority and by clicking on the Settings icon to open the Customize Growth Plan Card panel. 


Customizing your growth plan cards will allow you to show or hide any panel (column) in the Kanban board. You can also choose to show or hide any icon on the individual Kanban cards by choosing from the Show/Hide Growth Plan Task Properties section.


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