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Continuous Improvement Plans: Adding and Editing OGIs

Creating and Managing Continuous Improvement Plans

When creating and managing Continuous Improvement Plans, there are a number of actions you may want to take. We've broken each action down for you, into shorter articles.

Adding and Editing OGIs

The initial list of items in the Growth Plan section come from the Growth Items that the teams identify as organizational issues in their strategic retrospectives. The Continuous Improvement Leadership Team may also choose to create Growth Items, as you review the Multi-Team Rollup data and discuss the top issues where the teams need your support.

To add a Growth Item, click on the Add New Item button (Grid View) or the + icon in the Backlog column (Kanban View), you will see a pop up Add Growth Plan Item card. Fields with a red * are required.


To edit an OGI, click on the Edit Icon (Kanban View) or Edit Button (Grid View). If an OGI was created by a team, it must be pulled before it can be edited.


The Edit Growth Plan Card will open. For any Growth Items that you pull and prioritize to work on in the quarter, review all of the fields and make updates so that the information is complete and accurately reflects the Continuous Improvement Leadership Team’s understanding of the issue.


It’s important to consider and clearly identify what you are trying to impact when making improvements, so that everyone working on the solution has the same goal in mind and so that you can test your assumptions about what will make a difference for team health and maturity. This can be tracked in AgilityHealth by entering a Competency Target when adding or editing a Growth Item. To add a Competency Target, click on the data entry field and select from the list of competencies. Click on “X” next to the competency name to remove a competency.


You can also choose to group OGI's by Type. Categorizing by Type enables Leaders to apply resources that will have an impact for their teams. Type is a drop down list of themes you can choose from. 


As you work on the Growth Item, you can capture notes and information about what was done to resolve the issue, for reference by your team and others who want to learn from your experience.

Add notes to the Growth Items by selecting the Notes tab.


When a Growth Item has been completed, be sure to fill in the Solutions section with a description of what was done to solve the issue and what was learned. The solution is added to the Growth Portal as a recommendation for the rest of the organization, if the “Share within your organization” check-box is selected and a specific competency was selected as a target for improvement.


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