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Continuous Improvement Plans: Grouping OGIs

Creating and Managing Continuous Improvement Plans

When creating and managing Continuous Improvement Plans, there are a number of actions you may want to take. We've broken each action down for you, into shorter articles.

Grouping OGIs by Theme/Type

It can be helpful to identify themes across the OGIs created by the teams so that you can see the common issues, how frequently they have been raised and determine the best way to address them.


Growth items categorized by Type enable Leaders to apply resources that will have an impact for their teams. In order to quickly provide Leadership with visibility for where to focus continuous improvement efforts to remove obstacles and optimize flow, we reduced the number of Types from 13 to 5 on June 24, 2020. 

The new Types are:

  • Agile Enablement
  • Tech Agility & Tools
  • Culture & Leadership
  • Product & Program
  • Other

At the bottom of this article, you can download the mapping document that shows how old types were mapped to the new types.

Please note: Not all customers have updated types. Some customers will only have the old types available, some customers will have both sets of types available and some customers will only have the new types available. 

You can sort OGIs by Type by using the Type column in the Grid view of the growth plan. You can add the Type column to your view, if you do not see it at first. If you have OGIs that do not have a Type selected, you can Edit the growth plan item to choose a Type.


Once you have sorted the growth items by Type, you can follow the directions in the next section on grouping OGIs by category to tie them all together. 

Grouping OGIs by Category

If you want to group OGIs based on a category, you can use the grouping functionality. Then, you can group OGIs together that have a common theme and rewrite the description to best capture the need and reduce duplication in the backlog.

If you have more than ten or so items, you may want to click on the Export to Excel button on the Grid View to review the OGIs in Excel. This makes it easier to scan through all of the detailed information and you can add columns or move the rows around as you are identifying themes and deciding how you want to group the items.


To group OGIs, go to the Grid View and click on the Group Items button.


Select the items that you want to include in the group. Choose one of the items to be the primary and then click on the Group Items button. The information (labels, description, etc.) from the primary will display for the group and only the primary item can be edited.


The grouped items have an arrow icon in the left column, in the Grid View. Click on the arrow to view the items and to remove them from the group, if needed.


Note that grouping is only visible on the Grid View. In the Kanban View, you will only see the primary Growth Items for any items that are grouped.

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