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Continuous Improvement Plans: Affected Teams

Creating and Managing Continuous Improvement Plans

When creating and managing Continuous Improvement Plans, there are a number of actions you may want to take. We've broken each action down for you, into shorter articles.

Affected Teams

You can list the teams that are affected by an OGI by adding them to the Affected Teams field when adding or editing a Growth Item. This is helpful when discussing which items to prioritize, to track whether resolving the issue had the intended impact and to gather input and feedback from the affected teams.

When a team creates an OGI, they are automatically listed an an Affected Team. You can add additional teams by editing the Growth Item and selecting a team from the list. Teams can be removed by clicking “X” next to the team name.


When OGIs are grouped, the teams listed in the grouped items will be listed as Affected Teams in the primary item.


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