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My Profile and My Notifications

AgilityHealth® Users can manage their profile and update their password in our My Profile section. Also located in My Profile, is the My Notifications tab where Company Admins, Business Line Admins and Team Admins can manage their Multi-Team Growth Item notifications.

To get to the My Profile section, hover over the person icon in the upper right-hand corner of AgilityHealth® and click on My Profile. 


Manage My Profile

On the My Profile tab, you can update your first name, last name, preferred language, time zone and phone number, along with my brand, my skills, LinkedIn and value prop information. You can also set a profile photo by clicking on the picture or Reset Photo.

Hint: To change your email address, submit a ticket by clicking the Help button in the lower left-hand corner.


Important: The Preferred Language field is a feature that can be enabled for your company but is not yet functional. We are actively working on functionality to allow portions of the platform to be translated into the User's preferred language.

Manage Password

On the My Profile tab, below My Profile, is the Manage Password section. Simply enter your current password, new password and confirm your password to update. 


My Notifications

On the My Notifications tab, Company Admins, Business Line Admins and Team Admins can manage their Multi-Team Growth Item notifications. 

At this time, these notifications are at the team level only. By selecting a team to receive notifications, the whole team will be notified when a Multi-Team Growth Item has changed status and when a Multi-Team Growth Item has been pulled or unpulled. Simply select a team in the column on the left and it will be added to the column on the right. Click Update to save. 

Info: Updates and additions to our notifications are in the works!


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