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What is AgileVideos?

Scale Digital & Agile learning across your teams with AgileVideos! is the largest Agile video library designed to fast-track Agile learning across the enterprise. Combine AgileVideos with AgilityHealth®'s measurement and growth platform to develop and scale talent.

Quickly train team members, managers and leaders - anywhere. Training everyone in your organization can be difficult, but with AgileVideos your teams will learn modern Digital & Agile skills fast with 300+ short, practical, and engaging videos they can watch anytime, in any location. 

Key roles such as Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Managers, Solution Leads and Team Members have their own learning paths! Users can also choose to learn by course, topic or use our guided 12-week learning plans. Topics cover a wide variety of Agile topics, including:

  • Intro to Scrum | Agile Team Roles | Agile Simulation
  • Kanban videos for Business Operations and Support Teams
  • Servant Leadership and leading high performing teams
  • Enterprise Business Agility videos for Senior Leaders and Executives
  • Coming soon: DevOps, Outcomes/OKRs, Coaching Agile Team

Check out the demo video below and then view our entire course library or check out our Business packages.

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