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Jira Integration

Info: In April 2023, we released the first wave of our integration capabilities with Jira Data Center. This functionality is currently in Beta. If you are interested in participating, please let your CSM know. If your company uses reverse proxy services, technical setup may need to be completed before this feature can be enabled.

The AgilityHealth integration with Jira allows Company Admins to link one Jira instance to AgilityHealth. Enhancements are currently in development to allow linking to multiple Jira instances and to integrate with Jira Cloud. 

Once the Jira instance is linked, the Company Admin can choose one or more AgilityHealth teams and map those teams to the appropriate team board in that Jira instance. Below, the Training Wheels team has been linked to the LQA board in this company's Jira instance.


The Company Admin can use the Mapping tab to choose which Jira Issue Type the team's growth items will be created as in Jira, along with a custom label for easy identification inside Jira. Below, you can see the fields that are mapped from AgilityHealth to Jira for each team growth item. 


Growth Items Sync

Once the Company Admin has linked AgilityHealth teams to the corresponding team board in Jira, team members can easily sync growth items with the category of Team created in their retrospectives or from their team's growth item dashboard to their Jira board.

Growth items can then be managed in the team's Jira board, along with their stories and tasks. Updates made in Jira to these growth items will be synced back to AgilityHealth automatically.

Below, you can see on a team's assessment results page the Sync and Unsync buttons. The Sync Committed Items button will sync all team growth items with the Status of Committed to Jira simultaneously. All Status options in AgilityHealth map to one of three Status options in Jira: To Do, In Progress, or Done. Below, the top item with the Status of Not Started in AgilityHealth is mapped to a Status of To Do in Jira. 


Team Metrics

Once a team is linked to their Jira board, Iteration Data, Release Data, and Performance Metrics such as feature cycle time, feature throughput, deployment frequency, predictability, and defect ratio, can be pulled directly into AgilityHealth. Enhancements are being developed to pull in more Performance Metrics, if available.

From the Teams Dashboard, click the blue pencil Edit icon for the team to be taken to the Team Profile tab. From there, click on the Metrics tab. You will then see the Iteration, Release Data/Increment, and Performance Metrics Data tables. Click the Get Data button to pull the data in from Jira. This will take a few minutes so you can leave this page and return later. 





More enhancements are in development for our Jira integrations. Stay tuned for updates!

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