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External Integration via REST API's

AgilityHealth® has APIs that allow the platform to be integrated with external applications such as dashboards or BI tools. Through our REST APIs, these applications can retrieve data from AgilityHealth® and even make updates or import data - all without going through the user interface. This will enable you to seamlessly integrate AgilityHealth® with your existing environment.


Info: The AgilityHealth® APIs are currently in beta and will continue to be enhanced over time - stay tuned!

Use Cases

APIs can be used to:

  • Retrieve team information including tags and members
  • Retrieve assessment results including team maturity
  • Update team and team member information

We are planning on enhancing the APIs on a regular basis, so if you would like to see additional functionality implemented, please let us know about your particular use cases!


All communications with the APIs are secured via SSL and require the user/caller to be fully authenticated, so your data is safe. 

Getting Started

If you would like to access the AgilityHealth® APIs, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for details.

To access technical API documentation, please utilize the URL you’re currently using to access AgilityHealth®, prefix it with “api-” and append "/swagger'. Example:


Important: Access to our API documentation requires an active AgilityHealth® user account.
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