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Introduction to Business Outcomes

What are Business Outcomes?

In an effort to move from focusing only on Outputs to focusing on Outcomes, AgilityHealth® enables companies to keep their Business Outcomes in our platform, ensuring teams are aligned to strategic outcomes before breaking down work in their ALMs.


Our Business Outcomes dashboard will help executives, portfolio leaders, and product managers (POs) get clear on what outcomes they aim to achieve across the teams. The Business Outcomes dashboard is not intended to manage team “work,” but rather to align work to strategic objectives and team growth.

Outcomes vs Output

Outcomes and output are often confusing concepts to grasp. Outcomes are the overall objectives your business is trying to achieve. The outputs are tasks within an objective that must be accomplished in order to achieve the objective. Here is an example of the difference between outcomes and output:


Objective & Key Results

To utilize our Business Outcomes dashboard, you will create Outcome Cards for all of your objectives and the key results that must be obtained in order for the objective to be successfully achieved. The format we use to create Outcome Cards is called OKR (Objective & Key Results). 



Think of an objective as a statement describing where you want to go. An Objective should be clear, exact and tangible. 

Key Results

Key Results are the method of transportation to achieve an Objective. They should be trackable and contain a number as a measurement, as well as be reachable, understandable and significant. 

OKR Best Practices

OKRs are written for other people to understand so they must clearly represent your goals. General guidelines for an OKR include:

  • For the time period you're focusing on (a quarter, for example), create 3-4 Objectives per team, portfolio, etc. 
  • For each Objective, come up with 3-5 Key results max.

Structure of an OKR

Here is an explanation of OKR structure:


Business Outcomes and Your ALM

The Business Outcomes dashboard is where you will create and store your outcome cards. The actual work should be stored in your ALM platform. You can link your Outcome Cards directly into your work repository or ALM. 


Webinar: Building Measurable Outcomes with OKRs

Check out this webinar with Sally Elatta, Founder of AgilityHealth®, and Felipe Castro, an OKR Expert, on Building Measurable Outcomes with OKRs.

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