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What are the steps involved for utilizing an Individual 360 Radar?

Successfully utilizing an Individual 360 Assessment contains several steps. They need to be followed in this order:

  1. Ensure your company is enabled for Individual Assessments
    If your company is not already set up for individual assessments, you may need to contact your Company Admin to work with Customer Success to have this feature turned on. Additional charges may apply.
  2. Create a Team of Individuals
    In order to launch an individual assessment, you must first create a team that includes all of the individuals to be assessed. For example, if you have 25 ScrumMasters in your company, you could create a team containing all of them and set up all 25 ScrumMaster 360 assessments at one time. When creating a team for individual assessments, be sure to select Group of Individuals as the Work Type. You will then add team members to this team, which are the individuals who are being reviewed.
  3. Create and Launch the Individual Assessment
    After creating the Team of Individuals, select the team from the team dashboard. You will be taken to the assessments dashboard for the selected team. This is where you can invite Reviewers to participate in reviewing the Reviewee, as well as create and publish the assessment.
  4. Review and Analyze Individual Radar Results
    After the Reviewee and and Reviewers have completed their assessments, it’s time to analyze the results. You will be able to see each individual’s results independently, as well as view the whole team’s results in comparison to each other in a roll up radar.
  5. Individual Growth Planning
    Once the Reviewee has analyzed their results, usually with an Agile Coach to help guide them, the next step is for them to create their individual growth plan.

Ready to create your assessment? Get started by creating your team of individuals!

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