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How do I create and launch Talent Development Assessments?

After creating a Team of Individuals, you are now ready to create their Talent Development Assessments. Watch the below video or scroll down to read an article on how to create and launch the assessments. 

Add a Talent Development (or Individual) Assessment

Click on the avatar for the team from the Teams Dashboard in Swim Lane View to be taken to that team’s Assessment Dashboard.

The toggle in the upper right hand corner should be set to Individual. Click the green Add an Assessment button, then click on Individual in the pop up box and then click Add Assessment.


Assessment Profile Screen

Once you are on the Create Individual Assessments for Individuals page, you can enter the Assessment Title, Point of Contact name, Point of Contact email address and choose the Assessment Type from the drop down.

The Point of Contact person will be listed on emails sent to both the Participants and Reviewers taking the assessment, in case they have questions. This person should be prepared to answer questions that the Participants or Reviewers may have.

If you check the Apply to All box, each Participant you add in the list below will be set up for the same assessment type. If you would like someone in the list below to receive a different assessment type, uncheck the Apply to All box and change each person’s assessment type individually. No matter which option you choose, each Participant will each receive their own email with a link to their own self-assessment.

The list will include all team members added to this team. Check the box in front of each team member you would like to participate. Click the Next button once you have selected all of the Participants.


After you click the Next button, you will be able to add Reviewers to take the assessment for each Participant you selected. Each Participant will be in the list already, so they can receive an email that links to their own self-assessment.

Important: If you do not select a Participant on the previous screen, you will not be able to add Reviewers for that Participant.

Select Other Reviewers Screen

Click the Participant’s name to expand the list of Reviewers for that individual. There are two ways to add Reviewers: individually or by using an upload.


Add Additional Reviewers Individually

To add Reviewers, you may click the Add Additional Reviewer button and add each person in individually. An additional line for First name, Last name, Role and Email will be added each time you click Add Additional Reviewer. Enter in the information and click the green check mark to add them to the list. Be sure to select the Role for each Reviewer - this is their relationship to the Participant and can be used as a filter when analyzing the radar results. To delete a row, click the red X.


Upload Additional Reviewers

You may also import a file of Reviewers for each Participant. Simply click the blue Download button to download an Excel template that will allow you to enter a list of First Name, Last Name and email addresses for Reviewers. Once complete, save the file to your desktop and click the Upload Additional Reviewer button. This will allow you to select the file you just saved and upload multiple Reviewers at one time. You will need to repeat this process for each Participant who needs multiple Reviewers uploaded.

Important: Be sure to select a role for each Reviewer after you have uploaded them. This won’t be a part of your upload and it’s an important step if you want to filter the results later.



After you click the green Next, Review button, you will be able to review your assessment setup and finalize a few more assessment options. You will then publish or save your assessment for launching at a later time.

Review and Finish Screen


Individual Assessments Section:

From the first section, you can review the Participant, Assessment Type and number of Reviewers. You can also edit the assessment and/or reviewers from this section.

Edit Assessment (Batch Edit)
If you need to Edit any information in the assessments for the whole team, click the green Edit button. This is called Batch Editing. If you wish to delete the assessment, click the red Delete button. You can edit the assessments singularly after they have been published by hovering over that assessment in the team’s Assessment Dashboard and clicking the pencil icon.

Edit and/or Add Reviewers
To edit information about the Reviewers for a specific Participant from this screen, click the green pencil icon in the row of the Participant. 

Preview the Assessment Questions
To preview the assessment questions, click the eye in the row of the person whose assessment you wish to preview. A new window will open, allowing you to see the assessment as the Reviewer(s) will see it.


Assessment Options Section:

Allow Reviewee to Invite Others

If you check Allow Reviewee to Invite Others, the Participant will be asked in the email they receive with their assessment link, to invite others to be a Reviewer on their assessment.

Allow Reviewee to View Results

If you check Allow Reviewee to View Results, the Participant will be asked to create an AgilityHealth® account if they do not already have an account, and will receive an email when the assessment closes, letting them know they can now view their own results.

Allow Visibility to the Roll-up and Individual Radars

If you check Allow Visibility to the Roll-up and Individual Radars, you will be giving the person(s) you select in the Give Visibility To drop down box on the right access to view each Participant’s individual assessment results, as well as the roll-up radar of results for the entire team. Leaving this box unchecked will only provide the person(s) you select in the Give Visibility To drop down on the right access to view the roll-up radar results for the entire team, not each Participant’s radar results.

Please Note: Whomever creates the assessment can see all of the results for each individual Participant. The Participant will only see their own results (if the Allow Reviewee to View Results checkbox is selected). Be cautious when allowing visibility to radars to other groups of people, as they will be seeing personal, sensitive information by having access to each Participant’s radar results.

Give Visibility To

In the Give visibility To box, select from the drop down who you would like to have access to the entire team’s roll-up radar of results. If you would like them to also see the individual Participant’s radar results, check the Allow Visibility to the Roll-up and Individual Radars box on the left. Company Feature Admins automatically have access to all Talent Development Assessment results so there is no need to add them in this box. 

Note: If you had selected to use the Give Visibility To option and later open the assessment to make edits, the box will be cleared out so you may need to re-add users to give them visibility to the radar results.


Approved Coaches Section:

Click the Add Coaches button to add a coach or coaches to provide them the opportunity to view the results and assist with developing the Participant’s growth plan. Check the box in the row of the coach(es) you would like to include and click OK.


The Coach(es) will now appear in their own row in the Approved Coaches section. To send them an email ahead of the assessment close date letting them know they may be invited to view the results, click the green envelope icon. To delete the coach, click the red X in their row.


Launch Options Section:

Select the start and end date for the assessment. This is the time frame that the assessment will be available for completion. Be sure to allow the Participant and Reviewers enough time to complete the assessment prior to the end date and time.

If you are ready to publish the assessment, click Publish. If you’d like to save the assessment as a draft and return to it later, click Save as Draft.


Save as Draft
If you select Save as Draft, the individual assessment will be available in the Assessments Dashboard for whom the assessment was created. To re-access the assessment when you are ready to edit or publish, hover over the assessment and select the pencil icon. Click here to see what information you can edit from this Batch Edit screen.

When you select Publish, the assessment will activate and will be available for completion based on the date range you set above. Emails are also generated when you select Publish. Click here to see sample emails that are generated to the Participant and Reviewer.

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