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What emails are sent to Reviewees and Reviewers?

When publishing an individual assessment, emails to the Reviewee and Reviewers are generated. Emails can also be generated from the Batch Edit screen of the Assessment. Here are examples of emails that will be generated when sending Individual 360 Assessments:

Reviewee Emails

The Reviewee will receive one email with a link to their self-assessment.The email also includes a list of who was invited to be a Reviewer (if they were added before the assessment was launched). The email also contains the due date and the Point of Contact information.


If the option to allow Reviewee to Invite Others was selected, then the Reviewee will receive a second email that asks them to login to invite other Reviewers to take the assessment.


Reviewer Email

The Reviewers will receive one email with a link to each Reviewee’s assessment, if added to all Reviewee’s at once.


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