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How do I edit Talent Development Assessments after they are published?

Edit All Assessments in the Roll Up Radar at Once

If you have created a Talent Development Assessment but need to make edits for the whole team's assessments, this is done through the Batch Edit screen for the Roll Up Assessment.

You can access the Batch Edit screen by hovering over the Roll Up Assessment that is created after publishing Talent Development Assessments for a team of individuals. When you are hovering, click the pencil icon to edit the assessments all at one time.


Batch Edit: Assessment Name

Here you can view and/or modify the assessment name. If you click the Delete button, you will delete the assessments for the entire team.


Batch Edit: Add Additional Participant or Reviewers

If you have another Participant to add, you can click Add Reviewees and a pop up will appear letting you select any non-selected team members. To add a member to the team, click the blue Add New Team Member button and you will be presented with the Team Member creation pop up.

If you need to add additional Reviewers, you can click on the green pencil icon in a Participant's row and a pop up will appear letting you add an additional Reviewer or upload multiple Reviewers. Click here for more information on how to add additional Reviewers.

You can preview the assessment questions by clicking on the pencil icon. The preview of the assessment will open in another browser window.


Batch Edit: Resend Participant and Reviewer Assessment Emails

You can also send an invite to the Participant and their Reviewers by clicking on the green envelope icon. Using the envelope icon will allow you to choose which Participant’s assessment is resent, or you can click the Send to All Reviewees button to resend all Participants their email containing the link to their assessment.

If for some reason they are not receiving their email, you can click on the link icon and copy the URL for their assessment and send it to them directly.

The member login link is the the link you can send to the individual if they did not receive the email to create their account in AgilityHealth®. 


You can also click on the Send to All Reviewers button to resend all Reviewer's an email that will contain link(s) to their assessment(s). If they are to review multiple Participants, they will only receive one email that will contain a link to each assessment.

You can view sample emails here.  

Batch Edit: Assessment Options

Here you can update the Point of Contact Name and email as well as determine a few other options regarding visibility. Click here to learn more about these assessment options.


Approved Coaches

You can add additional coaches to all of the assessments by clicking the Add Coaches button. You can delete a coach from all assessments by clicking the red X in their row. You can resend their 'heads up' email by clicking the green envelope icon.  


Launch Options

You can also edit the Launch Options from the Batch Edit page. Launch options include the Start and End date of the assessment.

Be sure to click Update to save your changes and save your assessment as a Draft. If you’re ready to Publish, click Publish.

If you have selected to allow the Participants to Invite Others, you will see a button, Notify Reviewees to Invite Others. If you click this, it will send an email to the Participant instructing them to login to review or add additional Reviewers.


Edit One Participant's Assessment at a Time

If you only need to edit one or a few Participant's assessments, hover over that Participant's assessment and click the pencil icon. You will not be taken to the batch edit screen, but will go to the Individual Reviewee Edit screen instead.


Here you click the edit button to edit a few assessment details or you can delete the assessment for just this Participant. If you click the edit button, you can choose a different start date, extend the end date for just this one assessment, change the point of contact or allow access for the Participant to see their results and also invite other Reviewers themselves. 


Add or Edit Reviewers for One Participant's Assessment

You can resend the invitation emails to the Reviewers for this one assessment by clicking the Send to All Reviewers button. 

If you have another Reviewer to add, you can click Add Additional Reviewer and another row will appear where you can enter in a First name, Last name and Email address, as well as choose a Role. Click the green check mark to save the addition.

In the row for a Reviewer, you can click the red x to delete the Reviewer, click the link icon to obtain the link for the Reviewer to take the assessment directly or click the green envelope icon to resend their invitation email to take the assessment. You can click the green pencil icon to edit the Reviewers information.


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