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Business Outcomes Structure and Navigation

To get to the Business Outcomes dashboard, log into AgilityHealth® and click the Business Outcomes link at the top of the page. If this feature is not enabled for your company, contact your Company Admin or Customer Success Manager. 


On the Business Outcomes dashboard, the highest level of your organization and your portfolios, business lines, and teams are represented in the left navigation. The top level of the left navigation represents the organization as a whole, with teams organized by portfolio, program, or other levels your company chose in the setup process. We commonly refer to these levels as n-tier, enterprise, multi-team, and team. Any teams that are not rolled up to the highest level for your company will be listed in the Unassigned area. 

Hint: Click the carats in the left navigation to expose team layers throughout the organization.



When you select a row in the left navigation, the content to the right will adjust to represent that level of your organization. Choose Annually or Quarterly from the filter to the left of the Demand/Delivery option to change the second blue Demand column from '1 Year Outcomes' to 'Quarterly Outcomes'. 


When Demand/Delivery is chosen as the option in the filter at the top right of your screen and you have selected a row in the left navigation that is not an individual team, you will see blue Demand columns, and to the right of those columns, you will see Delivery columns that represent the teams directly below the team you have selected.


If you select a row in the left navigation that is an individual team, you will not see any Delivery columns displayed, as there are no teams below those individual teams. 



The Business Outcomes Dashboard has two filter options. The filter drop-down on the left allows users to filter the Outcomes Dashboard by Tags that are created by your Company Admin. When filtering with tags, multiple tag filters can be applied.

The blue Funnel icon allows users to filter by the color assigned to each card. Each of these filters can be used independently or in conjunction with each other to give the user maximum flexibility.


The View Filter drop-down is located in the top right corner of the dashboard. The Demand/Delivery view is the default view of the Business Outcomes Dashboard. The Demand/Delivery view can be further filtered by choosing 'Annually' or 'Quarterly' in the drop-down to the left of Demand/Delivery. Other views can be populated with various Tag Categories, created by your Company Admin in the Manage Business Outcomes Tags section. When a Tag Category is created, it becomes available in the drop-down as another view, and any tags created within this category become the column headings displayed on the dashboard.


You can learn more about filtering by watching our Business Outcomes Dashboard Overview video. Learn how to edit, create and delete filter options.

Exporting to Excel and PDF

You are able to export your Business Outcomes to an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF document. Any filters will be saved in the export as well. This is useful when you want to share certain items with leaders who do not have access to AgilityHealth® or need this information in Excel or PDF. 


Next, learn to create outcome cards!

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