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Business Outcomes Structure and Navigation

To get to the Business Outcomes dashboard, log into AgilityHealth® and click the Business Outcomes link at the top of the page.


On the Business Outcomes dashboard, your organization, portfolios, business lines and teams are represented in the left navigation. The top level of the left navigation represents the organization as a whole, with teams organized below, by portfolio, program or whatever level you chose in the setup process.

Watch a short video on how to structure your Business Outcomes Dashboard.


Hint: Click the carats in the left navigation to expose team layers throughout the organization.


When you select a row in the left navigation, the content to the right will adjust to represent that level of your organization. You will see three blue columns, and to the right of those columns you will see Delivery columns that represent the teams directly below the team you have selected. You will not see any Delivery columns for individual teams as there are no teams below them. The team columns will mimic the structure you see in the left navigation.

Hint: Click on each left navigation row to see how the content to the right changes.



Next, learn to create outcome cards!

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