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How do I create and/or edit a Team of Individuals?

All AgilityHealth® assessments are launched from the team level, therefore you must create a team of individuals to launch individual assessments. Each individual will have their own radar for their results but you can create all of the individual assessments at the same time for the team members. The results of the individual assessments will only be available to the Reviewee and to their Reviewers, depending on the options selected when creating the assessment.

Create a Team of Individuals

To learn more about setting up and managing teams, you can refer to this article. The setting up and managing teams article was written with the TeamHealth Radar in mind but creating and editing the team is similar for a group of individuals taking an individual assessment - however, a different work type must be chosen.

Important: It is required to select Group of Individuals for the Work Type when creating a team for individual 360 assessments.


The Team Members you add to this team will be the individuals who will be reviewed, called Reviewees. You will add the Reviewers later, when you are creating the assessment.

Hint: The team members you add may already be in the directory. So here’s a pro tip - try adding from the directory first!


Once you have added your team members, click the Continue to Add Stakeholders button. While you do NOT need to add stakeholders to this team of individuals, you will still have to continue past this screen by clicking the Review and Finish button. The stakeholders you would like to review the Reviewees are called Reviewers and will be added during the assessment creation process. 


Once you have reviewed your team details, click Go To Assessment Dashboard to create all of the team’s individual assessments at once.


Edit a Team of Individuals

To edit a Team of Individuals, hover over the avatar for the team from the Teams Dashboard in the Swim Lane View and click the blue pencil icon.

From this point on, editing a Team of Individuals is the same as editing a Team for a team based radar. However, it’s important to note that Teams of Individuals do not have Stakeholders or Metrics attached so you will only need to edit information on the team profile page or team members page.


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