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How does a Participant create their Growth Plan?

After doing a deep analysis of your talent development assessment results, it’s time to develop your growth plan. What can you focus on in the next few months to really grow your skills and effectiveness to the next level?

You can use the Idea Board to brainstorm and then add your growth items in the Growth Plan section below your radar results. Be sure to define clear acceptance criteria for what ‘Done’ looks like and set some target dates. Keep this list visible in front of you and identify an accountability partner.

If possible, work with an Agile Coach, Manager, mentor, or peer to review your results and help you come up with your individual growth plan. Then next quarter, they can help you compare your results and see where you've made improvements!  

Building Your Growth Plan

You will need to create your top few growth items and add them to the growth plan within your assessment results.

On the Teams Dashboard, click on your team’s avatar to get to the team's assessment dashboard. 

Click on the icon for your individual assessment. 


You could also hover over the icon for your individual assessment and click the chart icon for Growth Plan. Either way will work!

Depending on your user permissions, you may see a batch aggregate radar for all Participants who took the assessment, plus a radar for each individual Participant. 

Add New Growth Item 

If you used the Idea Board to brainstorm growth items, you can add them automatically to your growth plan.

Or, to add growth items manually, once in the Growth Plan section, click on the Add New Item button to add new growth items, if you’re in grid view (toggle on the right side).


If you’re in kanban view, click the + icon in the Backlog column.


You will see a pop-up for a growth item card. The required fields on the growth item card include Title, Status, Category, and Priority. Some companies also require Type. These fields are important to provide clarity on what the issue is, whether you have started to work on it and how critical the issue is to your growth.

You can choose a color for related items to easily keep track of them. You will also select which Competency Target the growth item is related to so you can be sure to track the progress toward improvement in that competency in future assessments.


Once you create your cards for each growth item, they will display in the growth plan. 

Managing the Growth Plan 

Building a quality growth plan is a great start, but the real work comes as you take action to improve in the areas you have identified as the highest priority growth items.

You can use the kanban board in AgilityHealth® to track progress on the growth plan. Make sure and move your items to Done as you complete them! 


In the grid view, you can export your items into Excel, so you can work on them when you are not logged into AgilityHealth®. 


Editing Growth Items 

As you make progress on a growth item, the growth plan Item panel is where you will be making the majority of your updates. To edit a growth item, click the Edit button in the row of the growth item (grid view) or click the edit icon in the upper right corner of the card (kanban view) for that item. 

   grid_view_gi_edit.PNG          ind_kanban_card_icons.PNG

The Edit Growth Plan Item card will open.


Here you can add information to the description of the growth item, add or change the acceptance criteria and update the status.

Add Notes to Growth Item

You can add notes to the growth item by editing the card to open the growth item card and then selecting the Notes tab. Here you could document the steps you took to complete your growth item for future reference.


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