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How do I analyze roll-up radar results for a team's Talent Development Assessment?

To see the results of a roll-up radar for all of a team's talent development assessments, find the assessment you're looking for and click on the roll-up radar image from the team's assessment dashboard. 


Once you are on the radar results page, you can use the toggle in the upper right corner to switch between the Summary and Detail view. 


In the Detail View of the roll-up radar, the Participant's responses display as black dots, and an average of the Reviewer’s responses is in a red line. 


Using the green arrows on the left side of the screen, you can filter assessment results on the radar. You can filter results to see Participants versus Reviewers, see individual Participant results, and filter by Roles or Participant Groups if your Participants and Reviewers have them.


Depending on your access level, you may be able to open a new window with the results for individual Participants by clicking on their link in the Individuals filter. 

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