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What are the Six Capabilities of AgilityHealth®?

AgilityHealth® can be something different for every company that uses the platform. We are the single source of truth for teams, for their maturity, performance and alignment to outcomes. We help organizations measure and accelerate their transformation's impact and alignment. Listen to our Founder, Sally Elatta, talk about the Six Capabilities


Our six (6) main capabilities can be broken down into these categories:

  • Visualize Your Team Structure
  • Measure Team Health, Maturity & Performance
  • Manage Growth at Every Level
    • Systematically remove obstacles at the team, management and senior leadership levels
  • Leverage Actionable Insights
    • Utilize visual dashboards to enable actionable insights such as What, Why and Now What
  • Align Teams to Business Outcomes
  • Develop Agile Talent

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