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How to Facilitatate a DevOps / SAFe DevOps Health Assessment

The following guidance provides direction and resources for successfully conducting a DevOps Retrospective. This guidance is provided in checklist form to provide a valuable tool supporting AgilityHealth Facilitators across the company.

This guidance can be used for the DevOps Health Retrospective and for the SAFe® DevOps Health Retrospective.

What is a DevOps Retrospective?

The DevOps Retrospective aims to help organizations implement and mature the pipeline for discovery, integration, deployment and release through collaboration of Development and Operations teams. The teams reflect on their last quarter or release and improve during the next quarter. Team members complete the assessment either prior to or during the retrospective.

During the retrospective session, you will analyze the radar developed from their results and review their textual responses. Having real conversations about these items will allow you and the team to build actionable growth plans to be worked on by the team and leadership to mature DevOps over the next quarter.

Your goals as a DevOps Retrospective Facilitator, similar to being a TeamHealth Facilitator, are to provide a positive retrospective experience, create a solid growth plan with the team and obtain valuable feedback for team growth. In addition, you will support visibility to DevOps concepts, systems and terminology as part of the retrospective process in order to capture relevant data and maintain the integrity of the data gathered on DevOps.

DevOps Facilitation Journey

Here is what your journey looks like, as a DevOps Retrospective Facilitator.



The Awareness and Coaching stages of the journey are new. The Prepare, Conduct and Close stages are closely aligned to the AHF journey for the TeamHealth retrospectives.


It is important that the team members taking the AgilityHealth DevOps assessment are ready to take the assessment. The AHF must know the extent to which those who are taking the assessment are familiar with DevOps in general and within the context of the company.


The AgilityHealth Facilitator must complete certain activities in order to properly prepare for facilitating any AgilityHealth Assessment. In absence of preparation, the DevOps Retrospective will lose significant time and engagement, leading to reduced value of the exercise and ultimately work against the maturity of DevOps in the environment, rather than growth.


This is the activity around facilitating the DevOps Retrospective.


The process of creating a Growth Plan for DevOps by a team is the perfect coaching opportunity for DevOps. All the right people are engaged in an active conversation about DevOps and have just completed a process of analyzing the maturity of DevOps. With a DevOps Architect, DevOps Engineer or a DevOps subject matter expert engaged, this is the time to accelerate DevOps in the organization.


This is the activities necessary to deliver on continuous intentional growth for DevOps for the company.


In order to provide guidance to empower AgilityHealth Facilitators to be successful in delivering a DevOps Retrospective, a comprehensive Rollout Guide and Checklist is provided at the bottom of this article for you to download. 

Facilitating the DevOps Retrospective

The recommended process is to conduct a full four-hour DevOps retrospective when facilitating for the first time, or if the team has experienced substantial turnover of team members.

The Overview and Assessment should be conducted together for the first time the team is taking the assessment.

Conducting a successful assessment requires key roles to be present. If these roles can not be present, the retrospective must be rescheduled.

  • DevOps Architect
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Any other DevOps subject matter experts

Recommended Process for a Four-Hour DevOps Retrospective:


Optional Scheduling for Future DevOps Retrospectives

If the Team is familiar with the DevOps Retrospective, you can allow participants to take the assessment independently, prior to the DevOps Retrospective session. This would allow you to reduce the DevOps Retrospective session to 2 hours. 

  • Record and share a DevOps Overview video.
  • Share a link to our Taking the AgilityHealth Survey for reference (the format is the same for the DevOps survey but has different verbiage).
  • Publish the assessment, sending survey links to all participants at the same time.
  • Team watches the video and takes the survey prior the DevOps Retrospective session.

When the necessary key roles have restricted availability, after the first assessment, consider having these roles scheduled to participate for the last hour of the retrospective time box (i.e. the retrospective starts at 9:00, have the DevOps Expert scheduled to join at 11:00).

Recommended Process for Future Two-Hour DevOps Retrospectives:


Video: How to Facilitate a DevOps Retrospective

One of the AgilityHealth Agile Coaches recorded a video on How to Facilitate a DevOps Retrospective. Check it out! 

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