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What are the TeamHealth® quantitative questions and who answers them?

In addition to the team’s responses to the assessment (qualitative metrics), the team’s quantitative metrics for the past quarter help to tell the story about the team’s health and performance.

The TeamHealth® 4.0 Radar can be taken by any team but this assessment will only show the quantitative metrics questions to teams with certain work types. Most teams need a Scrum Master and/or Product Owner role assigned to receive the quantitative questions. Teams with the Business Operations work type also have quantitative questions that all team members will answer. 

The TeamHealth® 3.0 Radar assessment is available for all teams. Teams tagged with the work type of Service and Support or Software Delivery (generally IT teams), the Scrum Master and/or the Product Owner will need to answer quantitative questions. If the team has an integration with Jira set up, some of these questions can be auto-populated with an answer for them - details can be read here. For teams with the Business Operations work type, all team members will receive the quantitative questions.

Any team member who will be answering the metrics questions should come prepared to the retrospective to answer these questions or gather the data before they take the assessment if taking the assessment in advance of the retrospective session. We suggest the Facilitator or Team Admin send the questions to the person(s) answering the questions in advance.

You can download these questions here.

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