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What do I need to know about moving or deleting growth items?

Moving Growth Items from a previous assessment to the current assessment

If your team has completed an assessment in the past and you believe that a Growth Item is still in need of work, you can pull it up to the current assessment's Growth Plan.

The steps are as follows:

  • On your current assessment’s Growth Plan, make sure you are in grid view and then locate the “Copy From Previous Assessment” button:


  • This will bring up a list of assessments on the team’s last completed assessment. From here, simply select each Growth Item you would like to pull in and click “Copy Items”:


Please Note: The movement of Growth Items from assessment to assessment is intended for team-specific growth. As such, if a Growth Item is marked as Organizational or Enterprise, rather than Team, and has been pulled up to the Multi-Team or Enterprise Team level, it is no longer directly attached to an assessment and cannot be copied forward from one to the next.

Growth Items can only be moved or copied forward one assessment. The intention of this function is to keep the team focused on growth and improvement based on their Growth Items and should be tracked in a linear way. If an item was neither completed nor copied into the next assessment, it is assumed to no longer be of value. If you find that a Growth Item older than the previous assessment is once again of value to the team, you will need to create a new Growth Item.

Deleting Growth Items and the Impact

Keep in mind that when a Growth Item is copied forward from one assessment to the next, they are permanently linked. This means that if a Growth Item is deleted from the current assessment or the previous assessment it was copied from, it will be deleted from both assessments.

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