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TeamHealth® Quantitative Questions

In our TeamHealth® Radar assessment (versions 2.5 and later), for teams tagged with the Work Type of Service and Support or Software Delivery (generally non-business teams), the ScrumMaster and/or the Product Owner will need to answer quantitative questions. Learn about the ScrumMaster role here

One or both of these roles should come prepared to the retrospective to answer these questions or gather the data before they take the assessment if taking the assessment in advance of the retrospective session.

We suggest the Facilitator or Team Admin send the questions to the person(s) answering the questions in advance.

Hint: Any role you choose can receive the quantitative questions - as long as the role tag for that role is a child tag to the ScrumMaster or Product Owner parent tag. Your Company Admin can assist with managing tags.
Important: Business Operations teams taking the TeamHealth® 3.0 assessment also have a few quantitative questions that all team member roles answer - you can see those in the download below.
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