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Product Owner (Manager) Radar

The Product Owner/Manager is one of the critical roles that enables high-performing teams. Our Product Owner (Manager) Radar is an individual role-based talent development assessment for Agile Product Owners/Managers with feedback from Reviewers. The goal is to dig deeper and establish a baseline of how this role is doing against the expectations you have of them, and to develop a clear path for growth.


Individuals in a Product Owner/Manager role – their peers, customers, stakeholders & team members.



Benefits of Utilizing the Radar

  • Effective and standardized 360 evaluation for self-improvement, aligned to Lean/Agile principles
  • Can be customized to align with the organization's expectations for each role
  • Helps Participant gain insight into their job/skill performance, by recognizing strengths as well as development areas

Suggested Introduction Time for the Radar

  • After 60 days in the role, for a new Product Owner/Manager
  • Any time, for existing Product Owners/Manager

Ongoing Cadence for Using the Radar

  • Twice a year

Facilitation Needs

  • Certified AgilityHealth® Facilitator to facilitate the retrospective, as well as pre-and post-retrospective activities
  • Experienced Agile Coach for a debriefing session and to help develop the growth plan

Necessary Sessions for Each Radar

  • 1 Hr Overview of Individual Radars Workshop
  • Individual debrief and growth plan session


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