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How do I unlock or reopen an assessment?

Company Admins and Company Feature Admins can now unlock or reopen completed team or individual assessments from the Edit Assessment page. This is sometimes necessary when a participant submits their assessment but then needs to edit their answers after submitting.

Important: This feature is only available for Company Admins and Company Feature Admins.
Info: If you reopen a participant's assessment, you may need to push out the assessments end date so that the participant can access their assessment. The assessments' end date dictates whether access to the assessment questions can be granted, or not.

To reopen an assessment:

  •  From the Team's Assessments Dashboard, hover over the radar for the assessment the individual was a part of and click the pencil icon to edit.
  • Scroll down to the Team Members section and click the unlock icon to the right in the row for the individual whose assessment needs to be reopened.


  •  You will receive a pop up asking for confirmation. Click Yes and the participant's assessment will open.
  • Please Note: The pop up states the participant's previous results will be removed when the assessment is reopened. This means the results will be removed from the Radar and will not reappear on the Radar until the assessment is re-submitted. If the assessment is less than six months old, the participant will see their previous answers and be able to edit as necessary. Results older than six months old are purged and the participant will have to re-complete the entire assessment.
  • The word Completed will change to an envelope icon, link icon and delete icon.


  • The participant can use their original assessment link to assess their assessment, or you can click the envelope icon to send the link to them again.
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