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Tutorials: Utilizing the Business Outcomes Dashboard

We have created several quick tutorials on how to navigate through the Business Outcomes dashboard on various topics such as:

  • Business Outcomes History
  • Understanding the Structure of Teams and Navigation
  • Creating an Outcome/OKR Card
  • Linking Outcomes Cards to External Tools (Work Management)

Business Outcomes History

This video quickly describes how the Business Outcomes Dashboard came to fruition. Our Enterprise Visibility Room (EVR) worked very well for a number of years with customers who were all co-located. Over time, we realized the need for a way to share the enterprise view of outcomes and how each subsequent layer of the business was contributing to those outcomes. From this need, the Business Outcomes Dashboard was developed.

Understanding the Structure of Teams and Navigation

In this video, you will learn to understand the structure behind how the enterprise, portfolios and teams are set up in the Business Outcomes Dashboard, as well as how to utilize the different views each layer provides.

Creating an Outcome/OKR Card

This video provides a short tour of a Business Outcome Card and its components. Cards contain detailed information regarding your outcome such as an easily identifiable title, hypothesis/description, tags to help filter cards by topic, a progress bar, color coding to group cards by topic and more.

Linking Outcomes Cards to External Tools (Work Management)

You can link your individual cards to one or multiple URL's by using our linking functionality. It can be useful to link a card to a document or report that illustrates what work has been accomplished or helps to support the Business Outcome the card represents. This short video illustrates how to link a card to any URL.


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