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Team Member Journey

An AgilityHealth® Retrospective aims to help teams reflect on their last quarter or release and improve during the next quarter. Team members complete the assessment either prior to or during the retrospective. During the retrospective session, your team will analyze the radar developed from your combined assessment results and review your team's textual responses.

Having real conversations about these items will allow your team to build actionable growth plans to be worked on by the team and leadership over the next quarter.

Here is what your journey looks like, as a Team Member: 

  1. Take the team-based assessment
  2. Create your AgilityHealth® account
  3. Review and analyze your results
  4. Build your team's growth plan

Remember, you are not alone in your AgilityHealth® journey. Other members of your organization have important roles as well. An AgilityHealth® Facilitator will provide a positive retrospective experience, help the team review and analyze the results, and help the team create a solid growth plan. Your team's ScrumMaster will participate in helping to develop the growth plan items as well, and will bring the team growth items into your regular sprint/iteration work. Growth Items assigned to the Leadership team will be pulled in by Leadership when they review all team results.


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