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Build Your Team's Growth Plan

The key deliverable from the retrospective is the Growth Plan created by the Team to act on the areas that will help the Team to grow and to ask for help from Leadership on issues that are outside of the Team’s control. With your assistance, the ScrumMaster will work on capturing the Team and Organizational Growth Items during the retrospective and ensure that the plan is of good quality.


Team Growth Items are added to the Team's backlog and worked by the Team during their normal sprint/iteration. Organizational Growth Items are sent up to Leadership to pull into their Organizational Growth Plan, along with other Team's growth items. Be sure to fill them out as completely as possible. If the team has taken assessments previously, visit the items on the Team’s Growth Item tab and revisit any incomplete growth items you may want to include in the team’s backlog. 

Learn more about how growth items are created in AgilityHealth® and how the growth plan will be managed going forward.

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