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How do I update Growth Item progress, add notes and add solutions when they are completed?

As the team makes progress on a growth item, be sure to update the growth plan item card. You can see all the Team’s Growth Items on the Team’s Growth Item Dashboard or you can go into each assessment’s results and view Growth Items related to that specific assessment. To edit a Growth Item in Grid View, click the Edit button in the row of the Growth Item you wish to edit.


To edit a Growth Item in the Kanban View, click the edit icon in the upper right hand corner of the card for that item.


The Edit Growth Plan Item card will open.


Team Admins/ScrumMasters will mainly add information to the description of the Growth Item, add or change the acceptance criteria and update the status.

Add Notes to Growth Items

You can add notes to the Growth Items by clicking editing the Growth Item and then selecting the Notes tab.


Add a Solution to Growth Items

If a Growth Item has been completed, be sure to fill in the Solutions section. By adding a solution to a Growth Item, the rest of the teams within your organization can see how your Growth Item was completed and may be able to use that information in their own journey.

Enter a description of what the team or individual did to complete the Growth Item in the Solutions tab.


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