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Where can I see assessment questions?

Important: The below instructions will allow you to preview assessment questions the entire team will receive, regardless of Role - you will not be able to see questions that differ based on Work Type, Methodology or Role following these directions. Check out How do I preview the exact questions a Role will see? for those instructions.

If you are a user in AgilityHealth® with permissions to create teams and create assessments, you can see assessment questions by following these instructions.

After you have created an assessment, you can preview the questions the team will receive. You can do this if you saved your assessment as a draft or if you published the assessment.

From the Teams Dashboard, find the Team who will be taking the assessment and click on their avatar to go to their Assessments Dashboard. Once on the Team's Assessments Dashboard, hover over the correct Assessment and click the pencil icon to Edit.


Once inside the Assessment, click the Preview button to be taken to a preview of the assessment questions.


Once you are on the Preview Questions screen, you can select from the drop down if you would like to see the Team Member, Stakeholder or Product Owner questions.


The questions you will see are at the highest level. You will not see questions that differ based on Work Type, Methodology or Role.

For example, you cannot see the quantitative questions a Product Owner or ScrumMaster will see in the TeamHealth 2.5 assessment if you choose to preview as Team Member. You will only see the questions the entire team will receive.

In another example, in the case of TeamHealth 2.5, if you preview the questions as a Product Owner, you will not see the quantitative questions. You would see all the questions the entire team will receive, plus the Product Owner Confidence question.

How do I preview the exact questions a certain Role will see?

In order to see exactly what a ScrumMaster on a team with the Work Type of Software Delivery and the Methodology of Scrum will see, you will need to set up a test team with the correct Work Type and Methodology and yourself assigned as the ScrumMaster Role on that team.

You can then create and launch an assessment to yourself and take the assessment as that Role. You can do this with the other Roles you desire to see questions for as well.

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