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Using Business Outcome Cards

When the top level of the left navigation is selected, you will see three columns: 3 Year Outcomes, 1 Year Outcomes and Quarterly Outcomes. Here, you can strategic goals for your entire organization. You can also create strategic goals at each level of your organization by changing the level selected in the left navigation.

Business Outcome Cards will help you record your desired outcome (objective), and allow you to create key results that will track your progress towards that outcome (objective).

This short video will give you a high-level overview of how to create an Outcome/OKR card

Hint: Click the "plus" button in any blue column to create a new Business Outcome card.


Objective Title

Hint: Give the Outcome Card an Objective Title that is memorable, inspirational and descriptive of what you want to achieve.

Here’s an example:
“Increase the quality of our sales approach”



The Hypothesis/Description area lets you record why you believe this outcome is important to your business. We like to start the Hypothesis/Description area with the words, “we believe.”

Hint: Give the card a meaningful hypothesis/description.

Here’s an example:
“We believe that by increasing the quality of our sales approach, we will land more qualified and more satisfied customers.”


Key Results

Key Results measure your progress towards your desired outcome. Generally you should have two to five key results per outcome. All Key Results must be measurable, and therefore require a starting number and ending number.

Here's an example:
“Make sure at least 50% of signups get a phone call back in first 24 hours.”

In this example, you would enter “Make sure at least 50% of signups get a phone call back in first 24 hours” under “Key Results,” the Metric type would be “Call %,” the “Start” would be “20,” and the “Goal” would be 50.

The “Current” field allows you to update where you are today. We have Current set to 30 in this example. Check in at least every two weeks to update what is “Current” and see your progress bar move!


You can delete a Key Result by clicking the three dots in the row with the Key Result you wish to delete and then click Delete. 

As you update the progress on your Key Results, the Overall Progress bar will also update. 


The overall progress will also be reflected on the dashboard once you close the individual outcome card. 


Key results can be marked as lagging or leading indicators. If the target icon is gray, it is considered a lagging indicator. If you click on this icon, it will turn green, which indicates an impact metric, or leading indicator.


Card Color

You can also assign a color to each card. A helpful practice is assigning related cards the same color, so that you can quickly see which cards are in the same category on the Business Outcomes dashboard.

Hint: Give the card a color, save the card and see how it pops!


The color you choose will be reflected on the card on the dashboard. 



You can use Tags to filter between cards on the dashboard. To add a tag, click into the field that says Select tags or click the drop down arrow. The options available will appear and you can click on one or more to add them to the card. To delete a tag, click the x next to the tag's name. 

outcomes_card_tags.PNG     outcome_card_tags_2.PNG

The tags you choose will also be shown on the card when on the dashboard. 


Document Changes with Comments

 You can click on the Comments tab and add comments as the team discusses the card. To enter a comment, click into the field that says Your Comment and click Add Comment upon completion. You cannot delete comments once they are added. 


If an outcome card contains Comments, the bubble at the bottom of the card will show a number other than 0 next to it on the dashboard. 


Save and Make Changes

Be sure to click Save when making changes to a card. You can also choose Cancel, if you do not wish to save your changes, or the trash can icon, if you wish to Delete the card. To make the card the size of your screen, click the double arrow. 


Duplicate an Outcome Card

To duplicate or copy an existing outcome card, from the dashboard, click the double paper image at the bottom of the card you wish to duplicate. 


In the pop up, select the Column you would like to new card to be copied into and click on Duplicate. A copy of the current card will now appear in the Column you selected. 

outcome_card_duplicate_2.PNG    outcome_card_duplicate_3.png

Link an Outcome Card to a URL

To link an outcome card to an external tool like an ALM, Trello or any URL, click on the link icon at the bottom of the card from the dashboard. This short video will show you how to create a link.


Click into the Create a title field and name your link. Then click into the Enter the URL field and type in or paste the URL you wish to add to this card. Click the green Add button. The link will appear in light blue below the text fields. You can add more URLs, if necessary. 


Back on the dashboard, you can see there is now a 1 next to the link icon and if you hover over the link icon, you can see the title you created for the external link attached to the card. While hovering over the link icon, you can move your cursor to the title you created and click it to be taken to the URL you entered. 


To delete a link, click the link icon on the card to open the link modal. Click the link icon next to the link you wish to delete and notice the icon now has a line through the middle. Click Save to confirm your deletion. 


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