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Understanding N-Tier Teams

N-Tier functionality in AgilityHealth® is the method to expand beyond our standard levels of team hierarchy: Team > Multi-Team > Enterprise Team.

Info: In order to use N-Tier teams, this feature must be turned on for your company. Your company's Customer Success Manager can help with this.

Business Rules

There are some business rules for N-Tier teams. When you create an N-Tier team, you select sub-teams to roll up to the N-Tier team, much like how you select Teams to roll up to Multi-Teams.

  • The sub-teams you select for an N-Tier team must be an Enterprise team or other N-tier teams.
  • When selecting sub-teams, all of the sub-teams must be of the same hierarchy level. This means you cannot select an Enterprise team and an N-Tier team as sub-teams of a new N-Tier team - you would need to select either Enterprise teams or N-Tier teams. 
  • After creating an N-Tier team, when you're on the Teams Dashboard and can see all the teams, the avatar for the N-Tier teams will not be clickable, like the avatars for other team types. You can only edit or delete the N-Tier team from the Teams Dashboard.
    • The work type for an N-Tier team will appear on the Teams Dashboard as the name of the N-Tier team - example below.


  • When using a feature with team structure in the left-hand navigation, such as an Insights Dashboard, Pulse Checks or the Business Outcomes Dashboard, the N-Tier teams will be the top level of the team list. If you only have one N-Tier team, any teams that do not roll up to that N-Tier team will go in the Unassigned category.
  • The N-Tier hierarchy must be set up from bottom to top. Teams need to be rolled up into Multi-Teams...Multi-Teams are then rolled up into Enterprise Teams...Enterprise Teams can then be rolled up into an N-Tier team...and then, if needed, additional N-Tier teams that pull in other N-Tier teams can be created. 

Here's an example of N-Tier hierarchy:

    • Sara Jen Test Company is the name of the company
    • Oct Test is the name of an N-Tier team
    • Jen Master is the name of an N-Tier team that was selected as a sub-team for the Oct Test N-Tier team
    • Test Enterprise Team is the name of an Enterprise team that was selected as a sub-team for the Jen Master N-Tier team
    • Test Multi-Team is the name of the Multi-Team that rolls up as a sub-team to the Test Enterprise Team.
    • Team 2 and Team 1 are teams that roll up to the Multi-Team called Test Multi-Team
    • All other teams, including Enterprise Teams and Multi-Teams along with individual teams, are listed under Unassigned because they have not been selected to roll up to an N-Tier team, such as Oct Test. 


Learn how to create an N-Tier team.

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