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Team Agility: Index Widgets

This article is part of our series on Features and Functionality of the Team Agility Dashboard. We've broken each area down for you, into shorter articles.

The data refreshes nightly at 11:30 CT however you can refresh it manually anytime by using the Refresh button.

Index Widgets


In the first column of three Index widgets, you can learn various information from the completed assessments taken by the team(s) in the level you have selected in the Left Nav, including:

Agility Index: The Agility Index is the average of Maturity and Performance indexes for the team(s) in the selected level in the Left Nav.

Important: This widget will only fully populate if both the Maturity and Performance Index widgets have data, which will currently only be TeamHealth® 2.5 or later versions and DevOps V2.0. If another radar type is selected, data will populate in this widget if there is Maturity Index data, and it will be the same as the Maturity Index.

Maturity Index: The Maturity Index tells you the maturity stage for the last completed assessment for the selected team(s). Please note the following: 

  • In order for data to populate in this widget, a maturity stage must be chosen by the AHF on assessments for this radar type or auto-calculated by AgilityHealth®, as is done for TeamHealth® 2.5 or later versions and DevOps V2.0 radar assessments.
  • If the maturity stage was auto-calculated for the team(s), that calculation is based on qualitative questions only (quantitative questions are represented in the next widget for Performance). 
  • Business Teams taking the TeamHealth® 3.0 Radar assessment receive quantitative questions and that data is included in the Maturity widgets. The data for Software Delivery and Service and Support teams taking the TeamHealth Radar 2.5 or later versions for their quantitative questions is used in the Performance widgets. 
  • For additional drill-down information, please see the Modal Functionality section below.
Important: TeamHealth® 2.5 or later versions and DevOps V2.0 are currently the only radars that auto- calculate the maturity of a team after the completion of an assessment. For all other radar types, the maturity has to be manually selected after the assessment by the AHF, or no data will populate within the widget.

Performance Index: The Performance Index gives you the selected team(s) performance over time calculated by AgilityHealth®, based on the quantitative (metrics) questions from TeamHealth® 2.5 or later versions or DevOps V2.0 radar assessments. 

  • If no team member received quantitative questions for the TeamHealth® 2.5 or later versions or DevOps V2.0 assessment, no data will be displayed. Note: Business Teams taking the TeamHealth® 3.0 Radar assessment receive quantitative questions but they will not populate in this widget. That data will be included in the Maturity widgets.
  • For additional drill-down information, please see the Modal Functionality section below.
Important: Currently, only the TeamHealth® 2.5 or later versions and DevOps V2.0 radars will have data to populate this widget. Because this widget relies on the auto calculation of the quantitative (metrics) questions, data will not populate for any other radars, regardless of quantitative questions that radar type may display in an assessment.

Note: If a Facilitator manually chose a maturity stage for an assessment that had a maturity stage automatically calculated for it, the Facilitator's maturity stage is not used for the widgets. We use raw data to calculate information in the widgets.

Quarter Filters

The quarter filters control the data shown in the first nine widgets and will allow you to choose the date ranges for which the data displays. The Growth Item Widgets are not affected by these controls. 


The list of available quarters is a maximum of 12, based on how much data is available for your company. 

The Index Value and Maturity Stage displayed in the widget will reflect the number of quarters you select and the "Last Quarter" selection. The value consists of the last closed assessment for each team that has data up to and including the quarter selected. If there are no closed assessments for the last quarter you selected, the value will represent the value for the last closed assessments for each team in the last quarter that did have closed assessments. 


Important: The "Performance" widgets on the Team Agility Dashboard will not display data prior to Q2 2019 for the TeamHealth® Radar and dates vary for other radars that have performance data.

Modal Functionality 

As mentioned above, there is an additional drill-down functionality on this group of widgets. If the gauge in the Maturity Index or Performance Index widget has stages populated with a number other than zero, you can click on the number in the gauge to launch a modal that displays team information related to the selected stage. In the modal, you can see Team Name, Work Type, Team Contact, and the Email Address for the Team Contact. 

Important: This functionality is only available for the Maturity and Performance Index widgets.

Maturity Index Widget example:


Performance Index Widget example:


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