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Insights - Team Agility: Dimensions and Metrics Widgets

This article is part of our series on the Features and Functionality of the Insights - Team Agility Dashboard. We've broken each area down for you, into shorter articles. 

The data refreshes nightly at 11:30 CT however you can refresh it manually anytime by using the Refresh button.

Dimensions and Metrics Widgets


This third column of Dimensions and Metrics widgets show the average score in each dimension of the selected radar type from the most recent assessment results for the team(s) selected in the Left Nav.

Agility Dimensions: This widget shows the different components that make-up the overall Agility for the selected team(s), based on their respective last assessment, which is the average of the teams Maturity and Performance data. If no data is populated in the Performance Metrics widget, the Agility Dimensions widget will reflect the same data as the Maturity Dimensions widget. 

Maturity Dimensions: The Maturity Dimensions widget lets you dive into the maturity of each dimension represented in the selected radar type to visually show you how each contributed to the team(s) maturity level. This widget will include dimensions that have qualitative, rather than quantitative, questions.

  • The Sort options allow you to sort the dimensions from lowest to highest or highest to lowest level of maturity.
Important: This widget will populate for all radar types.

Performance Metrics: The Performance Metrics widget shows you how various metrics contribute to the overall performance of the selected team(s) for the selected radar type. It includes all quantitative questions which are associated with metrics from the TeamHealth® 2.5 or later versions or DevOps V2.0 radar assessments.

  • If no team member received quantitative questions during the assessment, or if the radar type does not have quantitative questions included, no data will be displayed. Note: Business Operations teams taking the TeamHealth® 3.0 assessment receive quantitative questions but they will not populate data in this widget. 
  • The Sort options allows you to sort the metrics from lowest to highest or highest to lowest level of maturity. 
Important: This widget will currently only populate for the TeamHealth® 2.5 or later versions and DevOps V2.0 radars.


The benchmark feature is an easy way to compare information for a team, product line or portfolio against overall company data. To turn the benchmarks on, choose your company from the Benchmark drop down. To turn the benchmarks off, choose None.


When benchmarking is turned on, you can see a vertical line in each row of data on the widgets.


The benchmark line represents the average maturity by dimension for all teams within your company, so when viewing this set of widgets by choosing the company level in the Left Nav, the bars of data will meet the benchmark line.


When drilling down into a team, product line or portfolio level in the Left Nav, you will notice that the benchmark line will still reflect the company level maturity average. The bars of data will move to illustrate the average maturity by the dimension of the team sub-group that you have selected.

If the bar is to the left of the benchmark line, the sub-group has lower maturity in that dimension than the benchmark (company).  If the bar is to the right of the benchmark, the sub-group has higher maturity in that dimension than the benchmark (company). 


Quarter Filters

The quarter filters control the data shown in the first nine widgets and will allow you to choose the date ranges for which the data displays. The Growth Item Widgets are not affected by these controls. 


The list of available quarters is a maximum of 12, based on how much data is available for your company. The "Last Quarter" filter defaults to the most recently completed quarter. For example, if today is in Quarter 3, then the filter will default to Quarter 2 of the current year.

The data displayed in the widget will reflect the number of quarters you select and the "Last Quarter" selection. 


Important: The "Performance" widgets on the Insights - Team Agility Dashboard will not display data prior to Q2 2019 for the TeamHealth® Radar and dates vary for other radars that have performance data.
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