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What are the implications of a team's Work Type?

Work Type is an important field when setting up a team. Work Type relates to the type of work the team does but it also dictates which radar assessment options will be available to that team. In some cases, the Work Type also ensures specialized questions are shown within certain radar assessments, such as the TeamHealth® 3.0 Radar.

The most often selected work types in AgilityHealth® are Service & Support, Software Delivery, Transformation, and Group of Individuals. It is important to understand the choices and make the appropriate selection for the team. Review the below examples for additional guidance.

If the team is already created and you need to edit their work type, you can do so by editing the team's profile

Please reach out to your Company Admin if you are not sure which work type should be selected for this team. You can download a list of our most popular radars and the corresponding work types below.

When you set up a team in AgilityHealth, you must select a Work Type on the Team Profile page.


Later on, when you're ready to create assessments for that team to take, the work type selected during team setup dictates which radar assessments are in the Radar Type drop-down when creating an assessment.


Work Type Examples

Here are our most common radar assessments and the corresponding Work Types.  

  • TeamHealth Radar: While a team with any work type can take the TeamHealth Radar, we do have some recommendations on which radar is best for different teams. 
    • TeamHealth 4.0 is designed for Agile teams, mainly IT teams, but can be used by any team. Each team needs a Product Owner and/or Scrum Master role assigned that will receive and be able to answer the quantitative metrics questions
    • The TeamHealth® 3.0 Radar assessment ican be taken by any team but this assessment will only show the quantitative metrics questions to teams with certain work types. Each team with a work type of Software Delivery or Service and Support needs a Scrum Master and/or Product Owner role assigned to receive the quantitative questions. Teams with the Business Operations work type also have quantitative questions that all team members will answer.

  • Team Culture Health Radar: This radar is recommended for all teams and the most common work type is Business Operations. 
  • Enterprise Business Agility Radar: In order for this radar to appear in the Radar Type drop-down when creating an assessment, the team must have their work type set to Transformation or Business Operations.
  • Talent Development (Individual or Role-Based Assessments): When creating a team comprised of Team Members in the same role, such as Product Owners or Scrum Masters, be sure to select Group of Individuals as the Work Type. This is the only work type that can take Talent Development assessments. 
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