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Understanding the Structural Agility Dashboard

The Structural Agility Dashboard is part of the newest and most modern dashboard experience within AgilityHealth®. This dashboard provides the ability to drill down into further detail and make underlying data visible, focusing on team stability, role allocation, participant groups, people by role, and agile vs non-agile team data, at any level.

To get to the Structural Agility Dashboard, click on INSIGHTS in the toolbar at the top of your screen, once logged into AgilityHealth®. Then click on the Structural Agility tab.


Features and Functionality

When viewing the Structural Agility Dashboard, you will review multiple different widgets containing different features, drill-downs, and data.

This article is part of our series on Features and Functionality of the Structural Agility Dashboard. We've broken each area down for you, into shorter articles.

The data refreshes nightly at 11:30 CT however you can refresh it manually anytime by using the Refresh button.

Left Navigation

The Left Navigation is a reflection of the team structure, based on how the teams, multi-teams, and enterprise teams are rolled up to reflect the company structure. The Left Nav allows you to set the focus for the Structural Agility Dashboard and drill in or out of the various parts of your organization.

Important: Each user in AgilityHealth® will only be able to access data for the teams they are assigned to and will see data for the first team they are able to view as the default. Company Admins will be able to access all teams. Team names will be in gray if they are not able to be accessed by the user. Team names may be anonymized for Org Leaders.

To expand or hide the Left Nav, you will use the kebob icon. Teams that are not part of a Multi-Team and Multi-Teams that are not part of an Enterprise Team are shown under the 'Unassigned' node.


Refresh button

The Refresh button allows you to manually refresh the data shown on the Structural Agility Dashboard and impacts all of the widgets. The button will turn gray upon clicking and remain gray until the refresh is complete. The "Date as of" will update to the current time and day once complete.



There is a Settings icon that is only available to Company Admins and Company Feature Admins on this dashboard. When you go into Settings, you will be able to set the allocations for the Average Role Distribution widget for all teams in the company. This is discussed in more detail in the Average Role Allocation article. 


Widget Icons

Within each widget, in the top right corner, you will see the below icons.


The question mark icon will display a brief description of each widget.


Clicking the three dots icon, you will be given four different download options.

  1. Download PNG Image
  2. Download JPEG Image
  3. Download PDF Document
  4. Download SVG Vector Image


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