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Structural Agility: Team Stability Widgets

This article is part of our series on the Features and Functionality of the Structural Agility Dashboard. We've broken each area down for you, into shorter articles.

The data refreshes nightly at 11:30 CT however you can refresh it manually anytime by using the Refresh button.

Team Stability Widgets


When you select a multi-team, enterprise team, n-tier team, or company level in the left navigation, these widgets will display information for the teams that roll up to the selected level. When you select an individual team in the left navigation, the widgets will reflect information for that team.

Team Stability: This widget shows the overall team stability for the last 6 months. The orange line is the actual team stability and the grey line is the target, which is set at 80%. The number of teams this widget represents is listed in parenthesis below the percentage of stability. 

Team Stability Distribution: This widget breaks out the stability of each team reflected in the first widget. The grey line is the target, which is set to 80%.

The formula for a team's stability is 100 - ((members added in last 6 months + members removed in last 6 months) / original members) * 100). If the number of added + removed members is greater than or equal to the number of original members, then stability is set to 0.

The stability number for multi-teams, enterprise teams, or n-tier teams is the average of the stability number for each team that rolls into those teams. 

Please note the following: 

  • If you hover over a team for 2-3 seconds, a pop-up will appear with more information about the team, including their % of stability, the number of team members added and the number of team members removed.
  • The most unstable teams will be listed from left to right.
  • Only 10 teams will be listed in the widget at a time. You can change the left navigation selection to see the stability distribution for different teams, multi-teams, enterprise teams, and n-tier teams. 
  • A team called Unassigned may appear in the widget - this is a roll-up of information among all teams not rolled up to another level in AgilityHealth®. As you assign teams as sub-teams of another level, they will be removed from the Unassigned data and will populate in the left nav under the parent team.
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