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Insights: Structural Agility Average Role Allocation Widget

This article is part of our series on Features and Functionality of the Insights: Structural Agility Dashboard. We've broken each area down for you, into shorter articles.

Some data in the dashboard updates at 11:30 PM CT daily.

Average Role Allocation Widget


This widget shows the average role allocation of the selected team's members, i.e. the number of teams each role is allocated to support by work type. Blue indicates the role is allocated appropriately to the team. Pink indicates the role is over allocated to the team - this may indicate some team members have multiple roles. Grey indicates the role is under-allocated to the team. 

Please note the following: 

  • All roles assigned to a member of the team will be displayed in the widget. You can change what role(s) a team member is assigned to by editing the team members
  • If you hover over a role for 2-3 seconds, a pop up will appear with more information about the role allocation.

Here's an example of how the widget works:


In the above widget, the selected work type of Software Delivery has the number of teams to support for the ScrumMaster set at 1. Company Admins can adjust this number in Settings, which is discussed further down in this article. 

The team member assigned the role of ScrumMaster on this team is also assigned the role of Developer. This results in the ScrumMaster role bar in the widget to show blue up to 1, which is the number set for that role, but also show pink, which is over-allocated, up to 2. The person in the role of ScrumMaster is over-allocated, as they have the additional role of Developer.

In addition, the role of Developer is also set to 1 but there are 5 team members with the role of Developer assigned to them. This results in the team members in the role of Developer being under-allocated, as the team only requires 1 Developer, but has 5 team members assigned to that role. 

Change the Work Type

You can change the Work Type for the teams displaying in the widget by clicking the Work Type drop down in the lower left hand corner of the widget. 


Settings for the Average Role Allocation Widget

Company Admins are able to click the Settings icon on this dashboard to adjust the allocation by work type for each role. 


Once on the Settings page, a Company Admin can choose to raise or lower the number of teams each role is allocated to support. Changing the Number of Teams to Support will affect every team with the selected Work Type. 


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