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Structural Agility: Participant Group Widgets

This article is part of our series on Features and Functionality of the Structural Agility Dashboard. We've broken each area down for you, into shorter articles.

The data refreshes nightly at 11:30 CT however you can refresh it manually anytime by using the Refresh button.

Participant Group Widgets

Based on the team(s) in the level you have selected in the Left Nav, the Participant Group widgets display information for how the team's members are identified via the Participant Tags added to their team member profile. The tags available at the current time are FTE vs Contractor or Distributed vs Collocated.

The Unassigned category represents team members with no Participant Tags matching your selection from the drop-down. To edit/add Participant Tags for team members, you will need to edit the team and team members.  



If you hover over a piece of the pie in the pie chart or a single bar in the bar chart, a pop-up will appear with more detail.

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