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What is a Pulse Check?

A Pulse Check allows you to select groups of questions from an assessment and send them to team members on multiple teams on a schedule of your choice. Used in between teams taking a full assessment, Pulse Checks can allow you to see changes in the team's health in select areas quickly.

Important Items to Note:

  • This is a non-facilitated assessment so no Facilitator or Retrospective is necessary.
  • A Pulse Check is only available to teams that have already taken a full assessment.
  • Stakeholders do not receive Pulse Checks.
  • Pulse Checks are available for individual teams using team-based radars and are not available for multi-teams, enterprise teams, N-Tier teams or talent development radars.

When a team member takes a Pulse Check, they'll only see the questions selected for them, instead of the entire assessment. The questions are selected at the competency, sub-dimension or dimension level and not question by question. When a team member is taking a Pulse Check, the questions are still grouped by dimension, just like in our team assessments. 

Here is the Welcome message a team member will see when beginning their Pulse Check:


Here's an example of a Pulse Check for just the Leadership dimension of the TeamHealth 3.0 assessment. Notice how Leadership is the only dimension in the left side navigation, the other dimensions do not show. 


Here is the Thank You message a team member sees after completing their Pulse Check:


Learn how to create a Pulse Check or how to view the results

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