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How do I see Pulse Check results?

To view Pulse Check results, click on the team, multi-team, or enterprise team from the Teams Dashboard to go to their assessment dashboard. View full team assessments vs. Pulse Checks using the toggle in the upper right corner. Locate the icon for the correct Pulse Check and click on the Pulse Check icon to visit the team's Growth Journey.

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You can watch the below video for a quick summary, or continue reading for step-by-step details.

Pulse Check results will be displayed on a growth journey timeline. Each competency will be displayed individually and the team, multi-team or enterprise team's results from each Pulse Check for that competency will display as a data point on the timeline.

If a Pulse Check is set to repeat, each time the team results are available, they will display as a new data point on the timeline, so that you can see the increase or decrease of scores for that competency over time. If you see NC and just one dot, only one Pulse Check has been completed so there is no change (NC) to display.

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You can use the green filter arrows in the upper left to open the filter window and select multiple Pulse Checks for the team, multi-team, or enterprise team.

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Results do not roll up for multiple Pulse Checks so each Pulse Check selected in the filter will display its own group of results, even if they are for the same competency and the same team(s).

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Below the growth journey timelines, in the Pulse Analysis section, you can quickly review the scores for each team that took the Pulse Check by competency and also export the scores to Excel. 

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The Team Assessments / Pulse toggle can be used to switch between a team's results from a full-length team assessment and their Pulse Checks.

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Learn how to edit a Pulse Check.

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