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How do I see Pulse Check results?

Important: This feature is currently in Beta. If you would like to participate in testing this feature and providing feedback, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
Important: Pulse results are not available for team members. Users in an admin role are able to view them.

To view Pulse Check results, click Pulse in the top navigation of AgilityHealth®. Your options may look different, depending on your user type.


Once you are in the Pulse section, you may see a blank screen. This is because the team that is selected in the left navigation probably does not have any Pulse Check assessments. That team could be an Enterprise Team or a Multi-Team, which are not allowed to have Pulse Check assessments.

To view results for a team that has Pulse Check results, select the team in the left navigation. Use the drop-down to the right of the teams in the left navigation to select which Pulse Check results you'd like to review.

If a Pulse Check was created and set to repeat, each time a team took that Pulse Check, the results for each Pulse Check will be displayed on the same timeline for the team. This allows you to see over time how the scores from questions for the same dimension of a radar assessment change over time.

If a Pulse Check was created from scratch for the same team each time the team needed the assessment, you will view the results from each Pulse Check individually. Results from different Pulse Checks do not roll up for a team. 


Pulse Check results are grouped by Dimension. You can decipher a team assessment from a Pulse Check by the color of the dot on the chart and also by checking the date below each dot. The blue dot represents a Pulse Check.

In the example below, the results for the Happiness dimension show for a team that took a team assessment in September 2019 and the Pulse Check results for that team from August 2020. 

If you hover for two seconds over a dot, a pop-up with the score and difference from the previous assessment will appear. 


You can use the hamburger icon in each dimension section to download images of the section or print the chart.


Learn how to edit a Pulse Check.

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