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How do I edit a Pulse Check?

Important: This feature is currently in Beta. If you would like to participate in testing this feature and providing feedback, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

To edit an existing Pulse Check, click Pulse in the top navigation of AgilityHealth®. Your options may look different, depending on your user type.


Once you are in the Pulse section, you may see a blank screen. This is because the team that is selected in the left navigation probably does not have any Pulse Check assessments. That team could be an Enterprise Team or a Multi-Team, which are not allowed to have Pulse Check assessments.

To edit a Pulse Check, select the team in the left navigation. Once the team has been selected, use the drop-down to the right of the teams in the left navigation to select the Pulse Check you would like to edit. Then click on the pencil icon to open the Pulse Check in edit mode. 


Once in edit mode, you can edit the assessment name, edit the selected teams, edit the schedule and re-publish the Pulse Check. You cannot edit the questions that have been selected.

Edit Assessment

Here you can change the name of the Pulse Check. You cannot edit the questions that have been selected.


Edit Teams

Here you can delete teams from the list originally picked to participate in the Pulse Check or you can add additional teams. The only teams that will display in the list are those that you have permission to create assessments for and those that have previously taken a team assessment.


Edit Schedule

Here you can change the start date and time, the assessment period and how many times the Pulse Check reoccurs (if any). 


Review & Publish

Here you can review your changes, before clicking Publish.


Learn how to review Pulse Check results.

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