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Add an N-Tier Team

N-Tier functionality in AgilityHealth® is the method to expand beyond our standard levels of team hierarchy: Team > Multi-Team > Enterprise Team.

Info: In order to use N-Tier teams, this feature must be turned on for your company. Your company's Customer Success Manager can help with this.

Business Rules

There are some business rules for N-Tier teams. When you create an N-Tier team, you select sub-teams to roll up to the N-Tier team, much like how you select Teams to roll up to Multi-Teams.

  • The sub-teams you select for an N-Tier team must be an Enterprise team or other N-tier teams.
  • When selecting sub-teams, all of the sub-teams must be of the same hierarchy level. This means you cannot select an Enterprise team and an N-Tier team as sub-teams of a new N-Tier team - you would need to select either Enterprise teams or N-Tier teams. 
  • After creating an N-Tier team, when you're on the Teams Dashboard and can see all the teams, the avatar for the N-Tier teams will not be clickable, like the avatars for other team types. You can only edit or delete the N-Tier team from the Teams Dashboard.
    • The work type for an N-Tier team will appear on the Teams Dashboard as the name of the N-Tier team - example below.


  • When using a feature with team structure in the left-hand navigation, such as an Insights Dashboard, Pulse Checks or the Business Outcomes Dashboard, the N-Tier teams will be the top level of the team list. If you only have one N-Tier team, any teams that do not roll up to that N-Tier team will go in the Unassigned category.
  • The N-Tier hierarchy must be set up from bottom to top. Teams need to be rolled up into Multi-Teams...Multi-Teams are then rolled up into Enterprise Teams...Enterprise Teams can then be rolled up into an N-Tier team...and then, if needed, additional N-Tier teams that pull in other N-Tier teams can be created. 

Here's an example of N-Tier hierarchy:

    • Sara Jen Test Company is the name of the company
    • Oct Test is the name of an N-Tier team
    • Jen Master is the name of an N-Tier team that was selected as a sub-team for the Oct Test N-Tier team
    • Test Enterprise Team is the name of an Enterprise team that was selected as a sub-team for the Jen Master N-Tier team
    • Test Multi-Team is the name of the Multi-Team that rolls up as a sub-team to the Test Enterprise Team.
    • Team 2 and Team 1 are teams that roll up to the Multi-Team called Test Multi-Team
    • All other teams, including Enterprise Teams and Multi-Teams along with individual teams, are listed under Unassigned because they have not been selected to roll up to an N-Tier team, such as Oct Test. 


Add an N-Tier Team

To add an N-Tier team, from the Teams Dashboard, in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you can click the green 'Add Team' button to go through the simple wizard.


When prompted, select the 'N-Tier Team' option like the image below and click the Add Team button.


Name Your N-Tier Team

  1. Enter an N-Tier Team Name (required)
  2. Once a name has been chosen, click Create Team & Add Sub-Teams


Add Sub-Teams

You will choose from a list of all of the Enterprise and N-Tier teams that have been added to AgilityHealth® and that you have permission to see.  

Remember - all sub-teams for an N-Tier team must be at the same level. In the list below, there is an Enterprise team and two N-Tier teams, but the N-Tier teams are not on the same level. Therefore, when I select one of the below teams, the other options will disappear because they cannot all be sub-teams for the same N-Tier team.

  1. Click on the team name in the left column to add them to the right column to select the sub-teams you want to be included in this N-Tier team. Remember, you can only choose Enterprise/Portfolio level teams. 
  2. Type a team name in the Filter Sub-Teams box to search for a specific team.
  3. Click the Review And Finish button.


Notice that after a selection was made, the other options disappeared. This is because those sub-teams are not on the same level as the sub-team selected, so they cannot all be sub-teams of the same N-Tier team. 


Review & Finish

Review the information entered to ensure all sub-teams have been entered correctly. You can click Edit in the Team Profile or Sub-Teams section if you need to make an adjustment. 


You can then see, edit or delete the new N-Tier team on the Teams Dashboard - Test N-Tier Team.


You can also see Test N-Tier Team and its sub-team, Jen Master, in features that list the teams in the left-hand navigation.


Note: Data on the Team Agility Dashboard for Enterprise Teams, N-Tier Teams, and at the Company level may differ from Enterprise Team and N-Tier team radar data. This is because to gather Team Agility Dashboard data, we drill down to the individual team level that makes up each Enterprise Team, N-Tier Team, and at the company level to calculate results but for Enterprise Team and N-Tier team radar data, we use "average of averages" for the underlying teams, which can cause some disparity. Towards the end of 2022, we will stop using the "average of averages" for Enterprise Team and N-Tier Team radar data and at that point, the data will match between those and the Team Agility Dashboard. Learn more about the change from "average of averages"

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