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October 22, 2020

Info: AgilityHealth releases enhancements and new features, along with bug fixes, every Wednesday night at 5 PM CT. Any items our customers should be aware of are posted on Thursdays. Not all weeks will have customer facing items and on those weeks, no release notes will be posted.

Team Level Assessment Completion Tracking

Have you ever wanted to quickly know how many team members and how many stakeholders have completed your assessment? You can now go to a team's assessment dashboard and see beneath each assessment how many team members and how many stakeholders have been sent and how many have completed a team assessment! 


Search Manage Users

Searching for a user within Manage Users if you know their user type has always been possible. But now, you can search for a user by name without knowing their type ahead of time. When you enter the Manage User section, simply type the name (or part of the name) for whom you're searching in the Search All Users box and hit go!


A modal will pop open showing you matches to the name or partial name you searched and you can see their user type in the right hand column. From this screen, if you have the right permissions, you can send them their Welcome to AgilityHealth email, edit their profile or delete the user. 


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